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My Personal Testimony


Selfish to Servant The Dan Shock Story- A Life Saved by Jesus Christ

“Selfishness says, “What will I get?” Service says,“What I have I’ll give to you.”

By Warren Wiersbe in On Being a Servant of God

I love dogs. In fact, in 2006, I had two giant chocolate labs, Buster and Fannie Brown, who were my exercise partners. Each night, they would insist on a run. It is important to understand that I was at the top of my game at this stage of my life, both physically and financially, yet far from spiritually. I was the national director of sales for a fortune 500 company and the selfish businessman personified. I existed to have fun and to work hard. I judged success and purpose by paycheck amounts and things I owned, which really owned me. I had become idolatrous without ever understanding the definition… (download the book to read more)